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Our Mission

Our Mission

Our Mission

At NeptuneChain, our mission is to clean up our planet's waters by leveraging innovative technology and community collaboration. We are building a global network that connects nutrient banks around the world, significantly reducing costs for farmers while improving water quality for everyone. Through our transparent and efficient marketplace, we empower farmers to eliminate pollution at the source and contribute to a healthier environment for all.

Our Story

Our Story

Our Story

NeptuneChain was founded in 2021 with a mission to combat water pollution and protect our waterways through innovative technology. Witnessing the severe impact of nutrient pollution on 60% of America's water and the resulting toxic dead zones, we realized the need for a transformative solution. We envisioned a marketplace where water remediation pays for itself, empowering farmers to eliminate pollution at the source.

Existing platforms failed to bridge the gap between farmers and their communities, leaving a critical need unaddressed. NeptuneChain fills this gap by creating a transparent, efficient water quality trading marketplace. Like eBay for environmental impact, our platform connects farmers with utilities and polluters, helping them avoid fines, save time, and improve water quality from the ground up.

Our commitment is to build a future where clean water is accessible to all, and everyone can contribute to a healthier environment.




The #NeptuneTeam was formed in 2021, marking the beginning of our mission to tackle the global crisis of nutrient pollution in our waterways. This formation was not coincidental; it was a response to the increasingly critical state of our marine ecosystems and a pivotal moment in the fight against water pollution.

The timing is right now because the urgency to address water pollution has never been greater. With 60% of America's water polluted by nutrients from farmland, the environmental and economic impacts are escalating. Advancements in technology now enable us to create innovative solutions that were previously unattainable. Additionally, there is growing public and regulatory pressure for sustainable practices, making it the perfect time to introduce a transparent, efficient water quality trading marketplace. NeptuneChain is poised to lead this transformation, providing a timely and necessary solution to protect our planet's water resources.

Why We Do It

Why We Do It

Why We Do It

We believe in the power of nutrient trading as a cost-effective and flexible solution to nutrient pollution. By connecting the world's nutrient banks, we are not only cleaning our waters and enriching our soils but also creating economic opportunities for farmers and businesses involved in nutrient pollution removal.

Our commitment to this mission is driven by the desire to provide sustainable solutions that benefit both the environment and the economy. We recognize that effective nutrient management can transform agricultural practices, reduce pollution, and support farmers financially. By fostering a marketplace for environmental impact, NeptuneChain helps communities thrive while safeguarding our precious water resources for future generations.

Environmental and Business Costs

- Crab Landings: Loss valued at $97.5 million.

- Tourism Loss: $40 million due to reduced tourist activities.

- Property Value Decline: $10 million loss in property values.

- Manatee Deaths: 277 manatee fatalities.

- Fishing Expenditures: $5.58 million lost due to decreased fishing activities.

- Oyster Landings: $10.3 million drop in oyster harvests.

- Toxic Coverage: A toxic spread covering 2,000 square miles.

- Local Business Loss: $235 million to $470 million lost by local businesses.

- Fisheries: $9 million loss in fisheries sector.

- Lost Income: $50 million in income not earned.

- Red Tide Clean-Up: $785,000 spent on cleaning up red tide impacts.

- Emergency Room Costs: $4.4 million in healthcare costs.

- Consumer Surplus and Fish Kills: $96 million lost in fish kills.

- Total Economic Impact: $25.4 million total economic impact.

- Reduced Hospitality: $9.5 million in restaurants and lodging per month.

- Revenue Loss and Job Impact: $48.8 million in lost revenue, 48 displaced jobs.

- Fish Mortality: 34 million fish killed, valued at $14 million.

- Fish Poisoning: 60% increase in fish poisoning.

- Tourism Losses: $71 million and $107 million losses in separate incidents.

- Tourism Spending: $20.42 million lost in full season tourism spending.

- Seafood Sales: $81 million lost in seafood sales.

The list goes on and on.

Learn more at the National Algae Association

How We Do It

We've built a platform that values transparency and impact. All transactions are tracked on the blockchain, ensuring there are no duplicate sales and maintaining trust in the system. We offer Nutrient Pollution Offset Credits (NPOCs), which represent the removal of pollutants from the watershed and their storage in the soil for over 10 years. This innovative approach not only guarantees accountability but also creates a reliable and efficient marketplace for nutrient trading, driving meaningful environmental change.

What Next?

We're inviting you to join us in our mission. Enroll your farm, share our message, and integrate our tools into your operations. Let's build a network that values responsible sourcing and supports a positive impact on our planet. Join NeptuneChain today.

For more information, feel free to contact us or visit our FAQ page. You can also follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter for updates.