Water quality is a global issue that's closer to home than you might think.

With NeptuneChain, you're not just part of the solution - you're part of a worldwide movement towards cleaner, healthier water.

Field Origins, Far-reaching Effects

It's a problem that starts in our fields and ends up affecting our water bodies, marine life, and ultimately, our health and livelihoods.

Pollution Fuels Algal Blooms

When nutrients from fertilizers, untreated sewage, and urban runoff enter bodies of water, they fuel harmful algal growth. This is because fertilizers and waste products contain high amounts of phosphorus and nitrogen and create "dead zones" where oxygen levels are too low to support marine life.

Engage, Transform, Solve

We're not just about removing pollution - we're about using pollution to create a sustainable and long-lasting future.


NeptuneChain creates new economic opportunities for farmers, businesses, and other entities involved in nutrient pollution removal. By connecting nutrient banks worldwide, we're helping to restore water ecosystems and build a brighter future.

Verifieable Impact

Our platform emphasizes maximum transparency and impact, with certificates showing where and when pollutant was removed, third-party verification for each credit, and a peer-reviewed methodology with a 10-year warranty.


From nutrient tracking to project management, we provide a range of services to help you navigate the nutrient trading landscape.

NeptuneChain API

NeptuneChain API

Integrating Pollution Removal into Your Daily Operations

Public Purpose Program

At NeptuneChain, we're excited to introduce our innovative API designed specifically for public utility companies.

Conservation Incentive

Conservation Incentive

This powerful tool allows you to seamlessly integrate nutrient pollution removal into your payment processing system, helping you incorporate sustainability into your business in a meaningful way.

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